The Nomad

Case Study

Summer of 2015 has been very busy. We’ve worked on the new Branding for The Nomad. The platform launches Q1 2016, so details are kept away from public domain until then. The Nomad offers a unique experience surrounded by unspoiled nature – and they needed that to be reflected on their new Branding. Simple, elegant and playful. The Nomad is nature. It’s surf. It is the sea. The Nomad is an experience like you’ve never had before.

Sunrise and susent. Clean air and star-packed night skies. With all that in mind we developed an uncomplicated but elegant Identity. The Nomad aims to let you experience the best that nature has to offer without turning you back on high-standard accomodation.


DesignIdeas | Gráffica | Behance: Branding Served

Check full project here.

The Nomad
The Nomad