WAV_ (previously Thundermetric) is a Sydney based hybrid startup studio & growth agency. They came to us as Thundermetric for a complete rebranding, including Naming. They were shifting towards a model that helped build, grow and scale startup and brands through partnerships. With a clearly eclectic team and a very unconventional approach to the agency model, the focus on the rebranding project was given the to team and it’s members. A talented and diverse group of players that came from very different backgrounds for a common mission: help build, grow and scale startups and brands with unconventional and creative ways. These guys were clearly Visionists.

We worked with three core concepts that defined what they do: Build, Grow and Scale. We decided to have an icon-centered identity stemming from these first three concepts.

A starter icon collection was developed, with the idea of having an ever-updating icon list of V-words that will capture the eclectic and diverse nature of the team.

Art Direction: Borja Acosta de Vizcaíno 
Assistant Art Director: Onss Mhirsi
Motion Graphics: Álvaro Abrante / Borja Acosta

Check full project here.